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Enjoy Life Protein Bites are now called Enjoy Bites. New packaging with the Enjoy Bites name rolls off the line at our bakery this December. If you’re a fan, keep an eye out for a new name and new look in the weeks ahead.

Why Did Enjoy Life Protein Bites Change to Enjoy Bites?

Our Protein Bites customers helped us with this name change by telling us how much they enjoy these indulgent chocolatey treats. Protein Bites did not really describe the experience of snacking on these as much as Enjoy Bites does and we hope you agree! Please know that the only changes were made to the name of the product, not to the delicious recipe.

What Else Changed When Protein Bites Became Enjoy Bites?

Not a thing! Enjoy Bites have the same 6 grams of plant-based protein per serving. They are still free from gluten and 14 allergens and they are made with the same high quality ingredients. We continue to offer the same four delicious flavors and we still make them at our very own bakery in Jeffersonville, Indiana.

Where Can I Find Enjoy Bites?

Find Enjoy Bites at all the same stores and Ecommerce retailers where you found Protein Bites. Not sure where to start? Try our handy product locator or order them from the Enjoy Life web shop.

What Does the New Enjoy Bites Packaging Look Like?

Here are pictures of our new packaging. Similar to Protein Bites, all four flavors of Enjoy Bites are available in a 6.4oz multi-serving standup pouch: Dark Raspberry, Dipped Banana, Mint Chocolate, and SunSeed™ Butter. SunSeed™ Butter is also available as a sleeve of eight 1.7oz single-serve pouches.