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Gluten is the protein found in wheat, rye and barley. It is in most mainstream bakery items and prepared foods, including such unsuspecting items as soy sauce and licorice (both made with wheat). People with celiac disease and other forms of gluten intolerance must avoid foods that contain gluten, or they may suffer from short- and long-term health complications.

In the great “gluten debate,” oats are a controversial grain, once thought to be a substantial source of gluten. Recent research has suggested that oats do not contain the reactive peptide sequence known to be problematic for gluten intolerance. However, most oats in this country are grown, processed or stored near wheat and are thought to be contaminated at levels too high to be considered safe for people with celiac disease. Therefore, we have chosen to use certified gluten free purity protocol oats in our products that do contain oats.