Today we are excited to unveil a brand new experience at We rebuilt our website from the ground up for a more helpful, more delightful experience. Whether you are here to shop online or learn about safe and healthy snack options for the food allergy community, we hope you take advantage of these great new features.

Greater Transparency

As the leading brand in the allergy friendly foods space for 18 years running, we value the trust our customers place in us. To honor that trust, this website gives everyone new tools to better understand what goes into our foods and which foods are best for their particular diet. With this update, now you can:

  • Easily find products that match a specific diet, such as Vegan or FODMAP-Friendly diets
  • Easily filter products to exclude specific ingredients, such as sunflower or rice
  • Browse our all-natural ingredients list to read a description of each ingredient and see which Enjoy Life products contain that ingredient

This is just the beginning! We have exciting plans to take this even further and share more of the information our customers request on a regular basis. Stay tuned for future updates.

A Personalized Experience

Our mission is to make allergy-friendly, gluten-free foods available to everyone, everywhere. We built this new website to help you shop in the way that works best for you: online, by subscription, or at your local store. Use your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to enjoy:

  • Improved subscription offerings
  • Streamlined checkout process
  • Personalized suggestions & online offers
  • An updated store locator

We hope you like these changes. More improvements are on the way and we trust that you will let us know where we still have room to grow.

Free From Living – Returning Soon!

The food allergy community is a vibrant network comprised of families, advocates, healthcare professionals, non-profit organizations, and people from all walks of life. We support the community in many ways, both in-person and online. For a long time our website has offered downloadable resources that are important to us and to the community. This includes:

  • Our “Free-From Living” pages & guides
  • Resources specific to Dairy-free, Gluten-free, and other allergens
  • A small number of related pages

We are currently working to bring these resources back and we are taking our time to get it right. Free-From Living and related resources will return soon. Here are some downloadable resources:

We look forward to hearing from you about these changes to our website. Contact us directly with any questions or feedback on the website. As always you can follow these links to request product samples and resources for healthcare professionals.

Finally, we continue to support outside organizations that provide helpful resources for those living with food allergies, such as, Spokin, and other organizations not listed here.