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Happy Mother’s Day to all of the incredible mothers out there!  You work hard each day to take care of us, teach us right from wrong, and give us the support we need throughout life.

As we grow up, our moms (and dads!) give us permission to do different things and go different places. Have you ever asked for permission to go to a friend’s house or stay up late? What about have that extra dessert? The older we get, these asks change and develop depending on our interests and ages, but the idea of mom as the one in charge is always consistent!

With this in mind, we wanted to take this opportunity to flip that permission slip and give our moms permission to enjoy a day of fun and indulgence that’s meant just for THEM! Let mom sit back and relax, and treat her to a day she’ll never forget. We’ve got just what you need with these fun ideas:

Permission Slip Coupon Book

We’re stepping our Permission to #EatFreely slips up a notch, and adding a Mother’s Day twist! Think of all the ways your mom has helped you, and return the favor by helping her out and giving her a break. After all, why just designate one day a year to give your mom some extra love? You can download this fun coupon book here.




Mother’s Day Cake

Every celebration deserves a cake, and Mother’s Day is no different! Celebrate what makes your mom extra special with a delicious cake topped with our baking chocolate. For all the dads out there – this is a fun (and delicious!) way to get the whole family involved. Send mom on an “errand” and whip up this cake as a surprise. Between taking turns adding ingredients, and picking out cake decorations, everyone can pitch in and help create a masterpiece for mom. Download the recipe card here, or find it on our website!

What are YOU doing to celebrate Mother’s Day with your family? Sound off in the comments below, or tag @enjoylifefoods on social media! However you and your family choose to celebrate, we know your mom will love it. A big shout-out to all of the amazing mothers out there – THANK YOU for everything that you do! ❤️


The Enjoy Life Team