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KendraPetersonHello, lovelies! I am so thrilled to introduce myself to you. I am Enjoy Life’s Consulting Chef, Kendra Peterson, and have been lucky enough to be involved with the brand for the past few years writing recipes for them and getting to play with their incredible products.

I was introduced to Enjoy Life many years ago as I began my private chef business. My business, Drizzle Kitchen, has been my little love for the past 7 years. Myself, along with a team of chefs, have weekly clients that we see and provide meals for. Typically 3-4 meals that are packaged, left in the refrigerator and then they warm as needed. We make anything from breakfast to soups for lunch to family dinners. But the common thread is that our clients all have a need that we help fill. While it is most commonly the need for allergy-friendly meals, from gluten to nuts to soy free, we also have clients with other medical needs and/or a desire to eat more nutritiously.

I met Joel Warady, the Chief Sales & Marketing Officer of Enjoy Life, through a mutual contact and was immediately excited at the prospect of working with them. For the past few years most of the recipes you have seen come through the newsletter have been crafted by yours truly! It has been so fun to take their incredible products and shift them into another recipe entirely. And I can’t tell you how excited I am at this new adventure we will all be on. With the acquisition there is now the opportunity to reach more people, be in new markets, to create new products and for me to share some new fantastic recipes with all of you!

We will be launching some new products shortly that I am SO excited for you to all see! I have had the joy of being involved in the process and really just can’t wait to share all the things in my brain with you that have been buzzing around since I began testing.

Well, it was a pleasure to meet you all “officially”, and I can’t wait to hear about how much I know you will love the new products as well. We are all working together to ensure Enjoy Life is the same amazing, safe and trusted brand we love. And I am just thrilled at the new things we can now bring and share to continue making allergy friendly foods delicious, fun and happy!

I hope to see you back here on the blog soon, I’ll be posting more often with some fun menus, updates on shows we’ve been to and some new recipes as well. Keep eating happy and freely!