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SuperheroDad_FB_FINAL Food allergy dads go above and beyond when it comes to their kids. Because we know how special they are, we wanted to take a moment to recognize some of the amazing food allergy dads in our community who do whatever it takes to ensure their kids can eat freely and enjoy life. From the bottom of our hearts, a big THANK YOU to all allergy-friendly dads. You guys truly are superheroes and we are grateful for everything you do!

Bloom FamilyDave Bloom – Snack Safely After his daughter was diagnosed with a severe peanut allergy, Dave and his wife Debra dedicated their lives to finding safe options for her, and sharing those food solutions with the rest of the food allergy community. His website,, is a trusted source for all things food allergy-related, and has been an incredible resource for allergy-friendly families and schools all over the US.






Will Hinton – GF Mom Certified Will is a father to 3 girls with multiple food allergies, and as a member of the GF Mom Certified household, he really knows how to ensure that those allergic needs are being met. In addition to being a fantastic food allergy dad, he and his wife Tiffany help spread food allergy awareness and education at events across the country! His advice to other dads would be “Guys – don’t learn about allergies the hard way like I did by feeding my girl a seemingly simple snack. Get wise, protect your kids and Enjoy THEIR Life!”



Allergy Superheroes boys with Dad

Dean Rhoadarmer – Allergy Superheroes Dean and his wife Eileen, parents to two boys with severe food allergies, created Allergy Superheroes in order to increase awareness of food allergies and to empower those who have them. Even superheroes have weaknesses, but that doesn’t make them any less super! He believes that being a father is a tough job and adding food allergies makes it tougher, but when challenges arise, it’s a his (and any father’s) job to meet them and keep their kids safe and have fun! “People who lack awareness respond better when you explain to them what food allergies are and how they affect your family, versus yelling at them for “trying to hurt your kid.” This turns them into advocates for your kids and food allergic kids everywhere.”