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We’re so proud to share that Enjoy Life Foods turns 18 years old this March! We have grown so much over the last 18 years but never swayed from our brand promise of being certified gluten-free and free-from 14 allergens, including peanut-free, tree-nut free, dairy-free, soy-free, egg-free and wheat-free. We are so grateful for you and have shared a lot of special moments over the last 18 years with our beloved food allergy community.

Here are some of our favorite brand history moments!

  • Enjoy Life Foods became the first certified gluten-free brand by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization! We even helped the GFCO create their gluten-free certification process of stringent testing down to 10 ppm!
  • Enjoy Life Foods became the first major gluten-free brand with 100% Non-GMO Verified Products by the Non-GMO Project!
  • Enjoy Life Foods became North America’s 1st FODMAP Friendly Certified Cookies, Biscuits, Baking Chocolates, & Protein Bites.
  • In 2016, Enjoy Life built North America’s largest allergy-friendly bakery from the ground up. That means, none of the 14 allergens were ever present in our bakery
  • Enjoy Life underwent a full packaging redesign where all our products “turned teal” to celebrate food allergy awareness. That’s over 80 products!
  • Enjoy Life hosted the first-ever coast-to-coast allergy-friendly bus tour! Did you catch us at a city near you?
  • Over the last 18 years we connected with millions of allergy-friendly consumers across US & Canada!

These are just SOME of the many special moments we celebrated with our amazing gluten-free and food allergy community over the past 18 years. We plan to celebrate you for many many more years to come! 

Here’s a look at some moments over the last 18 years including some special products we used to produce:


How long have we been a staple in your pantry? Tell us about your favorite Enjoy Life moment and how you first discovered our brand with #eatfreely!

Again, thanks for letting us be part of your family over the past 18 years!