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What a weekend! If you’ve visited us at a consumer event  or followed along on social media this weekend, you’ve our brand NEW consumer event experience...Enjoy Life Land! Imagine a place where life is great, dreams come true, and all of the snacks are gluten-free and free-from 14 allergens!

Living with food allergies is much more than a diet – it’s a lifestyle. With that in mind, we wanted to bring the spirit of our brand to life. We want our Enjoy Life family to experience the adventure of a lifetime. From hiking Cookie Canyon, taking a dip in the Chocolate River, and sharing your #JourneyToEnjoyLife at the Wishing Tree, the opportunities to enjoy life are endless.

We loved introducing our community (YOU!) to this exciting new space at our consumer events across the country. It’s so much fun to see friendly faces, make new friends, and read each #JourneyToEnjoyLife that was shared at our Wishing Tree. We’re glad that even more people are able to join us on this exciting adventure this year!



Make sure to head to the official website for Enjoy Life Land so you can read all of the hopes, wishes & tips shared by our community during their gluten-free and allergy-friendly experience! If you’re attending one of the many GF & AF Expo and GFFA Fest events around the country this year, you’ll get the chance to journey through Enjoy Life Land! You’ll even have the chance to win a Family Game Night at these expos!