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Join us in celebrating Celiac Awareness Month and Enjoy Life’s 10-year anniversary of being certified gluten-free!

2015 marks the 10 year anniversary of Enjoy Life becoming the very first organization to be certified gluten-free by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO). Enjoy Life founder, Scott Mandell, played a significant role in establishing the GFCO’s certification standards and processes.

The GFCO was a program established by the Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG) in 2005 under the executive direction of Cynthia Kupper. The program sought to provide the gluten-free consumer with confidence in choosing products that met a high standard for gluten-free products. Remember, this was LONG before the FDA had any official guidelines for what was considered gluten-free. With an inspection at all levels of production, a certification mark easily recognizable to the consumer would be placed on the product’s packaging, indicating the product met the regulations set by the GFCO. Additionally, the certification mark indicated the following elements:

  • Review of the product’s ingredients down to the original supplier
  • Onsite inspections of the production facility by experienced and trained Field Inspection Agents
  • Product and ingredient testing

Scott sat on the GFCO’s board with physicians, food scientists and consumers, giving valuable insights as a business perspective owning and operating a gluten-free company. Together, the board established the certification standards where products must test under 10 ppm and processes that Enjoy Life still abides to today! Fact: Enjoy Life products all test under 5 ppm. :)

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 3.07.17 PM“We hear from consumers everyday, expressing how much difficulty they have identifying foods that are safe for their gluten-free diet. We’re proud to be able to provide them with the extra convenience and safety assurance this new certification provides,” said Mandell (August, 2005)

Since 2001, Enjoy Life has produced foods that are safe for the celiac and gluten-free community. We’re so proud to have been there from the beginning of the Gluten-Free Certification Organization and to have helped lay the groundwork for other brands to participate. This certification stands for the quality and safety our community deserves.