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We have big news, Enjoy Lifers! Now your favorite allergy-friendly products are available with the press of a button – the Enjoy Life Foods Amazon Dash Button, that is!

Restocking your pantry with the Enjoy Life products you know and love has never been easier. Whenever you are running low on your favorite snacks, all you have to do is press the Amazon Dash Button and they will be delivered to your door in 2 days! This instant ordering is so easy to use and will save you an extra trip to the store, not to mention money! What could be better?

So what can you do to get an Enjoy Life Amazon Dash of your own? The first step is to have an active Amazon Prime membership. Then, order the button and set it up to order your favorite Enjoy Life snack. Each Enjoy Life Foods Amazon Dash is linked to one product.

Show us your new Enjoy Life Foods Dash Button and what you’re ordering by tagging @enjoylifefoods, @amazon and #dashbutton on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Happy one-button shopping!