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Allergy-Friendly Easter Chocolate Lollipops

14 lollipops
prep time 30 mins. .



  1. Add 7 oz Semi-Sweet Mini Chips to a microwave safe glass dish and microwave until melted, stirring the chocolate every 30 seconds to avoid burning.
  2. Carefully fill each lollipop mold with melted chocolate and then place a lollipop stick in each mold. Rotate each lollipop stick 360 degrees to ensure it is completely coated in chocolate.
  3. Place the chocolate lollipops in the fridge for 30+ minutes to allow the chocolate to harden. Once the chocolate has hardened, remove the lollipops from the fridge and carefully remove them from the molds.
  4. Enjoy immediately or wrap the lollipops in little treat bags and tie with a ribbon!


Recipe credit: @thebigleybasics