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12 Ways to Use (And Love!) Our Baking Chocolate Snack Packs


Photo courtesy of Lindsey Lee & Co

You asked, and we answered – now your favorite allergy-friendly baking chocolate comes in SNACK PACKS! Perfect for snacking on-the-go and adding an extra chocolate kick to your treats. Need an extra excuse to make these a part of your everyday lives? So do we. And with Halloween just around the corner, the timing couldn’t be better. Each bag comes with 12 single-serve pouches of Mini Chips or Dark Chocolate Morsels, so here are 12 ways that we love to use our Snack Packs and #SnackFreely!


Photo courtesy of Boulder Locavore

1. Trick or Treating – They’re PERFECT for handing out to kids (of all ages) in the neighborhood or switching out with your ghouls’ and goblins’ Halloween haul!


Photo courtesy of EBL Food Allergies

2. Keep a bowl of Snack Packs out at your desk and become the most popular person in your office.


Photo courtesy of GF Mom Certified

3. In a lunchbox as dessert. Bite size? Check. Chocolate? Check. Envy of the rest of the lunch table? CHECK!


Photos courtesy of Lindsey Lee & Co, Raising Jack with Celiac, and Gluten Free Frenzy

4. Allergy-Friendly party favors! Send the kids home with big smiles on their faces.


Photo courtesy of Gluten-Free Fun

5. Teaching tool for kids—I have ten and I give you six. How many do I have left?


Photos courtesy of EBL Food Allergies & GF Mom Certified

6. Dress them up as “Bat Poop” or a cute spider for a fun, allergy-friendly Halloween classroom treat that’s sure to have all the kids giggling.


Photos courtesy of My Gluten-Free Miami, Raising Jack with Celiac, The Whole Smiths, Boulder Locavore & The Clean Eating Couple

7. Topping your favorite sweet treat  – allergy-friendly ice cream, yogurt, and more!


Photo courtesy of The Clean Eating Couple

8. Bribery. Mostly kids when they’re misbehaving. Will also work on adults.


Photo courtesy of Soul Food Heals

9. Sneaking an allergy-friendly treat into the movies (but you didn’t hear that from us!)

Photo courtesy of The Gluten-Free Nerd

Photo courtesy of The Gluten-Free Nerd

10. In your purse for chocolate on demand—especially when shopping for groceries (a means to avoid impulse purchases perhaps?)


Photo courtesy of Top 8 Free Eats

11. For the parents out there – these pair perfectly with a glass of wine!


Photo courtesy of Gluten Free Jess

12. Portion control – just the right amount of chocolatey goodness to get you through your day, hour, or snack break!

The sky’s the limit  with our Snack Packs. What’s your favorite way to use them? Tag @enjoylifefoods and #snackfreely on social media to join the conversation!