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Resources for Healthcare Professionals

We are passionate about creating and sharing, great-tasting snacks your customers & clients can trust and love. That’s why all our allergy friendly products are free from gluten and 14 common allergens. Enjoy Life Foods understands living with food intolerances and can be your go-to for nutritional resources. To support our mission, we created turn-key food allergy resources so customers and clients can eat freely, snack fearlessly and Enjoy Life!

Tackling Challenging Situations

Food allergies and intolerances present unique challenges, but they don’t have to hold your clients back from enjoying life! Our simple handout provides helpful tips for handling tricky situations where a food intolerance can present unique challenges, including road trips, air travel, holidays, celebrations and more — all to help your clients eat freely and Enjoy Life fully!

Keeping Your Child Safe

In this tool, we offer strategies for your clients to create a safe, worry-free home environment and advice for working with schools to ensure parents receive the support they need, and their children can attend school safely and without worry.

Getting the Right Nutrients

Nutrition professionals know that avoiding certain foods may be necessary for people with allergies and intolerances, but this also means they could miss out on key nutrients for growth and overall health. That’s why we created a food allergies guide providing simple food swaps your clients can make, but still get the important nutrients these foods provide.

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Don’t forget to use our Survival Guide to help clients shop safely and confidently! All these resources are ready to print and share! For more information about specific types of food intolerance, visit our food allergy resources section.