Permission to Eat Freely

Our red Enjoy Life logo is a badge for permission to eat freely. To free you from any doubt or worry, and allow you to experience the simple pleasure of enjoying foods you can feel good about. To make the dreams of “what ifs” in your head possible. What if you could enjoy a snack and just indulge a little? What if you could pronounce all the ingredients and know that it is made from real food?

In the spirit of our new campaign, we want to extend the permission to eat freely into permission to enjoy life! If you could do anything, what would you do? We want to tune in on that feeling of liberation and encourage you to eat freely and do what makes you happy! Whether that means eating chocolate for breakfast, skipping a day of cleaning, or treating yourself to a you-day, we created these printable permission slips to remind you to take time to enjoy the little things. Think of them as notes of encouragement from us, and feel free to share them with your friends, family or boss!

As an extension of our permission slips, we decided to designate time each day for Snacky Hour (think Happy Hour…but better!) – a time for taking a break and adding some joy to your day. How do YOU take a break? Taking a walk? Munching on a chocolate bar? It’s up to you!

That happy feeling you get from treating yourself to an enjoyable moment doesn’t have to be limited to designated times! Sometimes, the most meaningful moments can come from finding enjoyment in something that you wouldn’t otherwise like to do. Stuck in traffic? There’s a cookie for that. Meeting running over at work? There’s a ProBurst Bite for that! It’s all about what you can do to put a positive spin on your situation – whether that means with a sweet treat, focusing on what you’re grateful for, or looking forward to a fun event coming up, it’s important to stay positive and give yourself permission to eat freely and enjoy life in any situation! Turn that frown into an upside down half eaten cookie.

Photo by Celiac & the Beast

We’d love to see how you’re giving yourself permission to eat freely. Share your own Snacky Hour, how you’re taking back your day and finding enjoyment in your everyday, and we’ll re-share it! We can’t wait to see how you’re taking back your food freedom.


Photo by Lindsey Lee & Co