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Simple Springtime

Spring makes me think of simplicity, especially when it comes to baking. Those non-fussy recipes that take a short time to make and a handful of ingredients – that’s what springtime dictate. But a lack in ingredients doesn’t mean they’re boring or basic. In fact, I’ll guarantee you’ll have to hide a few in order to score some leftovers for yourself.

These Double Chocolate Brownie Pops, for example, are a crowd favorite, and they couldn’t be easier. You have dairy-free chocolate-dipped-in-chocolate (more on that later) combined in a mess-free, one-bite treat. Even better, they can be made in advance and yield enough for a group to enjoy (or just keep in hand when that chocolate craving just won’t quit).



And then there are these Berry Jar Muffins. You can use any berries you like, or add an additional layer to the jar using Enjoy Life’s gluten-free Vanilla Honey Graham Crunchy Cookies broken into pieces for texture, taste, and color contrast. They’re also perfect for packing – think warm thoughts and plan them for an upcoming picnic.



If cinnamon-sugar is more your thing, these Cinnamon Mini Doughnuts made with Enjoy Life’s gluten-free Muffin Mix will win your heart. A go-to for brunch, you can use a doughnut pan or a standard or mini muffin pan, so there is not reason not to add them to your spread. But whatever you choose, make sure to generously coat them with the cinnamon sugar mixture!



My top picks wouldn’t be complete without something frosted or glazed, which can be remedied by upping this Muffin in a Mug to cupcake status. Just mix lemon zest and some confectioners’ sugar, then add just enough dairy-free milk so it’s thick but pourable. Top the warm muffin and wait about 10 minutes to set – and dig right in.




So: remember that chocolate-dipped-in-chocolate I alluded to earlier? It comes to you in a spin on the Petit Four. French for “small oven”, these bite-sized treats are traditionally coated in glaze or fondant and sometimes filled with a layer of jam. My version is delivered by way of brownies, using the jam-filled classic as inspiration, then coating with chocolate.



Calling all breakfast lovers! These Gluten-Free Breakfast Tarts from My Gluten-Free Miami are the perfect, simple treat to start off the day. Our Beach Bash® Seed & Fruit Mix is the perfect base for dairy-free yogurt and fruit. Just mix with dairy-free buttery spread, brown sugar and bake, then fill with the toppings. Easy peasy!




Our Seed & Fruit Mixes are a great breakfast addition, and also the perfect salad topper! Adding some Beach Bash to your spinach salad is a super easy and super delicious way to add some crunch and plant-based protein to round out your dish. This Fruit, Seed & Spinach Salad with Strawberry Vinaigrette from Nutritionist Reviews just may become your new go-to lunch!



Nothing says sweet and simple like chocolate covered candy! Springtime is the perfect season for coating everything in our dairy-free chocolate, especially these Allergy-Friendly Chocolate Easter Eggs from My Gluten-Free Kitchen! These delicious bites are a top-8-free variation on a popular seasonal favorite, and are an easy add-in for your little one’s basket. Plus, the recipe can be adapted to all kinds of shapes throughout the year – win-win!


Who loves cookies & cream? This flavor combo is one of the most popular, but it can be tough to find an allergy-friendly version! Chrystal from Gluten-Free Palate ups the ante on this classic combo and makes it even better in her Gluten-Free Vegan Cookies & Cream Bars. Only a handful of ingredients – including our Baking Chocolate and Crunchy Cookies – but you’d never know with their big taste! Best of all? They’re free of the top 8 allergens!
If you haven’t used dates in a recipe before, it’s high time you do so! Dates are an easy way to add chewy texture and a natural sweetness without any weird ingredients or added sugar. And what better to balance out the chewy texture with some crunch from our Seed & Fruit Mixes? Mix them together and top with our melted chocolate, and you’ve got yourself a simple snack that’s full of flavor! This No-Bake Chewy Chocolate Date Cookie Recipe from Vegetarian Gastronomy couldn’t be easier…or tastier!


Sometimes simple is all it takes, but only a homemade treat will do. When that duty calls, these five-ingredient-or-less recipes help get you there, and add just the right amount of wow without a lot of work.

Laurie Sadowski is the author of three cookbooks devoted to gluten-free, vegan, and allergy-friendly baking. Using baking chemistry as a basis, everything is developed—and guaranteed—to taste ‘just like the real thing’. For more, visit lauriesadowski.com.