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On the Road with Enjoy Life Foods: Live the Smart Way in London, Ontario

Enjoy Life Foods Booth - Live the Smart Way Expo | Enjoy Life FoodsThis past weekend, I attended my first event working as a Brand Ambassador for Enjoy life Foods – the Live the Smart Way Expo in London, Ontario! It was amazing to see the response and interest from everyone at the event. I never expected it to be so wonderful. What really struck to me the most was how surprised and impressed people were when I mentioned the list of allergens that our foods were free from. Many of them didn’t know how long the list was and they were so happy and relieved upon finding out about all the amazing options now available for them and their families!

Allergy-Friendly Chips - Enjoy Life Plentils | Enjoy Life FoodsI absolutely loved seeing the joy on our fans’ faces when they learned they could enjoy our products without having to worry about allergens. When I was at the Plentils table, so many attendees were amazed that the delicious chips were gluten and dairy-free. Many mentioned how surprised they were that the chips were so crunchy because they are lentil-based.

I had a few instances of attendees telling me how much they love our chocolate chips and have been using them for a while. By spending some time with us at our booth they were able to discover our extensive list of other products and be very happy to find out that very thing was free-from the most common allergens. Even if they had already been using our chocolate chips and were familiar with the company, somehow they would not know about everything else Enjoy life foods has to offer them.

Allergy-Friendly Cookies - Enjoy Life Crunchy Cookies | Enjoy Life FoodsIt was so great getting to meet our fans and many of the other exhibitors that were present at the event. And I’m especially glad that my husband and daughter Ellie were able to join me! Ellie already loves our Crunchy Cookies. 😉 It is truly amazing to be able to work for a company that makes such a difference in people’s lives. I am looking forward to meeting more and more people on the road.

Eat Freely,