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Members of the media can download items from our press kit — including background information, fact sheets, logos and product images — at the links below. For interviews or other inquiries, contact our media relations team.


Enjoy Life Logo 3 Color – Image

Enjoy Life Natural Brands Logo – Image

Product Images

Crunchy Cookies

Crunchy Vanilla Honey Graham – Image

Crunchy Sugar Crisp – Image

Crunchy Double Chocolate – Image

Crunchy Chocolate Chip – Image

Soft Baked Cookies

Snickerdoodle – Image

Double Chocolate Brownie – Image

Gingerbread Spice – Image

Chocolate Chip – Image

Mini Cookies

Crunchy Chocolate Chip – Image

Crunchy Double Chocolate – Image

Crunchy Sugar Crisp – Image

Crunchy Vanilla Honey Graham – Image

Soft Baked Chocolate Chip – Image

Soft Baked Double Chocolate Brownie – Image

Soft Baked Snickerdoodle – Image

Grab & Go Items

2-Pack Crunchy Chocolate Chip – Image

2-Pack Crunchy Double Chocolate – Image

2-Pack Crunchy Sugar Crisp – Image

2-Pack Crunchy Vanilla Honey Graham – Image

Beach Bash® (1.63 oz) – Image

Mountain Mambo® (1.63 oz) – Image

Dill and Sour Cream Plentils® (0.8 oz) – Image

Garlic & Parmesan Plentils® (0.8 oz) – Image

Margherita Pizza Plentils® (0.8 oz) – Image

Sea Salt Plentils® (0.8 oz) – Image

Moroccan Spice Plentils® (0.8 oz) – Image

Thai Chili Lime Plentils® (0.8 oz) – Image

2-Pack Crunchy Chocolate Chip POP – Image

2-Pack Crunchy Double Chocolate POP – Image

2-Pack Crunchy Sugar Crisp POP – Image

2-Pack Crunchy Vanilla Honey Graham POP – Image

Beach Bash® (1.63 oz) POP – Image

Mountain Mambo® (1.63 oz) POP – Image

Chewy Bars

Mixed Berry – Image

Cocoa Loco – Image

SunSeed™ Crunch – Image

Caramel Apple – Image

Decadent Bars

Chocolate SunSeed™ – Image

Cinnamon Bun – Image

S’mores – Image


Dill & Sour Cream – Image

Garlic & Parmesan – Image

Margherita Pizza – Image

Sea Salt – Image

Moroccan Spice – Image

Thai Chili Lime – Image

Seed & Fruit Mixes

Not Nuts! Beach Bash® – Image

Not Nuts! Mountain Mambo® – Image

Boom Choco Boom Chocolate Bars

Ricemilk Chocolate Bar – Image

Ricemilk Crunch Bar – Image

Dark Chocolate Bar – Image

Baking Chocolate

Semi-Sweet Chocolate Mega Chunks – Image

Semi-Sweet Chocolate Mini Chips – Image

Dark Chocolate Morsels – Image

Baking Chocolate Shipper – Image

Baking Mixes

Pizza Crust Mix – Image

Pancake + Waffle Mix – Image

Muffin Mix – Image

Brownie Mix – Image

All-Purpose Flour – Image

ProBurst Bites™

SunSeed Butter – Image

Cinnamon Spice – Image

Cranberry Orange – Image

Mango Habanero – Image

Family Shot

Family Shot – Image

Selling Materials

Product Listing – Adobe Acrobat (.pdf)