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Honoring Mrs. Allen on National Teacher Appreciation Day

Happy National Teacher Appreciation Day! We’d like to thank the teachers who keep our allergy-friendly children safe while they’re at school. Did you know roughly 1 child (out of a classroom of 13) has a food allergy?

One of our very own Enjoy Lifers, Cayden, 5, has Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome (FPIES) and 12 known food allergies. This past December, Cayden’s amazing teacher, Mrs. Amy Allen, set out to throw the best allergy-friendly party a boy could ask for. Mrs. Allen wrote to Cayden’s Mom, Shannon: “I wanted a party for Cayden where everything is Cayden friendly… I would like for a day where Cayden won’t have to worry about what other people have and where he can have everything.”

We want to recognize Mrs. Allen for her generous inclusion of food allergy kids, and as a little thank you to her, Enjoy Life hosted another allergy-friendly party for Cayden and his school friends!

cayden ELF snacks

We’re so happy that Cayden can enjoy our foods and that his class was able to celebrate! Shannon, Cayden’s Mom writes: “[Enjoy Life Foods] has gone above and beyond all expectations and to top it off, they make delicious products my entire family can enjoy. Thank you, Enjoy Life Foods! You have made Cayden one of the happiest boys ever.”

Thank YOU, Shannon! It was an honor to be a part of Cayden’s allergy-friendly classroom party. We’re so lucky to have amazing fans like you and your family. We look forward to celebrating Cayden’s end of year party this week!

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