{ "ingredients": [ { "handle": "ingredient-annatto-extract", "first_letter": "A", "title": "Annatto Extract", "description": "Annatto is derived from the seed of the achiote tree. It has a wonderful yellow-orange color. We use annatto extract to add color to some our products.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "vegetable-carnauba-wax", "first_letter": "V", "title": "Vegetable Carnauba Wax", "description": "This is a vegan wax that is derived from the leaves of the carnauba palm plant, a kind of palm native to Brazil. This vegan wax makes part of the rainbow sprinkles in our Birthday Cake Crunchy Cookies.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "sunflower-lecithin", "first_letter": "S", "title": "Sunflower Lecithin", "description": "\nA ingredient derived from sunflowers. It's used as an emulsifier to prevent oil from separating.\n", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "strawberry-puree", "first_letter": "S", "title": "Strawberry Puree", "description": "Our strawberry puree starts as 100% fresh strawberries (seeds included) that are made into a mixture that we add to our Strawberry Lemonade cookie batter for extra flavor. The strawberries are grown in California and the Northwest USA.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "spirulina-extract", "first_letter": "S", "title": "Spirulina Extract", "description": "A plant extract we use to add color to our products. The material is grown in controlled conditions and is not wild-harvest.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "radish-juice", "first_letter": "R", "title": "Radish Juice", "description": "A plant extract we use to add color to our products.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "potato-maltodextrin", "first_letter": "P", "title": "Potato Maltodextrin", "description": "This maltodextrin is a white powder derived from potato starch. It is used to adhere seasoning to the surface of lentil chips.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "pear-juice", "first_letter": "P", "title": "Pear Juice", "description": "This is the concentrated juice extracted from pears that bring sweetness and moisture to many of our products.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "paprika-oleoresin", "first_letter": "P", "title": "Paprika Oleoresin", "description": "Paprika Oleoresin is an oil-soluble extract made from dried red fruits of the plant Capsicum Annuum, also called bell pepper or sweet pepper. The paprika is extracted using Safflower Oil and is added for both color and flavor to our products.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "palm-kernel-oil", "first_letter": "P", "title": "Palm Kernel Oil", "description": "Palm Kernel Oil comes from the kernel or the seed of the Fruit of the Oil Palm Tree. It is not considered a nut or nut product. Because it is semisolid at room temperature, it is used for its texture properties in food.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "natural-birthday-cake-flavor", "first_letter": "N", "title": "Natural Birthday Cake Flavor", "description": "A mix of flavorings meant to imitate a yellow or white birthday cake and frosting. This is a natural flavor because each part of the flavoring is derived from a natural ingredient.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "lemon-juice-concentrate", "first_letter": "L", "title": "Lemon Juice Concentrate", "description": "100% lemon juice, concentrated and added for a tasty mouth-puckering flavor.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "grape-juice", "first_letter": "G", "title": "Grape Juice", "description": "This is a concentrated grape juice used for sweetness and to keep cookies soft during shelf life.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "cornstarch", "first_letter": "C", "title": "Cornstarch", "description": "Used in our Crunchy Birthday Cake Cookies, cornstarch is a plant based thickener added to the sprinkles for texture. The material is certified NonGMO and does not contain any corn protein.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "corn-maltodextrin", "first_letter": "C", "title": "Corn Maltodextrin", "description": "\nCorn Maltodextrin is a plant based thickener.\n", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "cellulose-gum", "first_letter": "C", "title": "Cellulose Gum", "description": "Used in our Crunchy Birthday Cake Cookies, celluose gum is a plant based thickener added to the sprinkles for texture.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "blueberry-juice", "first_letter": "B", "title": "Blueberry Juice", "description": "Blueberry Juice is dried and added to some of our products because of its blue\/purple color.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "beta-carotene", "first_letter": "B", "title": "Beta Carotene", "description": "Beta Carotene is a red-orange plant extract derived from carrots that we use to add color to some of our products.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "beet-juice", "first_letter": "B", "title": "Beet Juice", "description": "Beet Root Juice is dried and added to some of our products for its deep red color.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "palm-oil-shortening", "first_letter": "P", "title": "Palm Oil (including Palm Oil Shortening)", "description": "Palm Oil and Palm Oil Shortening come from the soft, outer portion of the Fruit of the Oil Palm Tree. It is not considered a nut or nut product. Because is is semisolid at room temperature, it is used for its texture properties in food. See our FAQ for more information about Enjoy Life's palm oil sourcing.", "appears_in_products": "\u003ca href=\"\/products\/white-chocolate-mini-chips\"\u003eWhite Chocolate - Mini Chips\u003c\/a\u003e" } ,{ "handle": "caramel-syrup", "first_letter": "C", "title": "Caramel Syrup", "description": "Our dairy-free caramel syrup is made from caramelized cane sugar. It brings a delightfully complex and well rounded sweetness.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "natural-peppermint-flavor", "first_letter": "N", "title": "Natural Peppermint Flavor", "description": "Our naturally derived mint flavor adds a fresh, cool note that perfectly complements a chocolate pairing. Extracted from peppermint.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "dried-strawberries", "first_letter": "D", "title": "Dried Strawberries", "description": "Sweetened dried strawberries, coated with sunflower oil and rice flour.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "dried-rice-syrup", "first_letter": "B", "title": "Brown Rice Syrup Solids", "description": "NonGMO rice is processed so the naturally-occurring enzymes can break down the starch into sugars. The ingredient is concentrated and dried.", "appears_in_products": "\u003ca href=\"\/products\/chocolate-bar-ricemilk-crunch\"\u003eChocolate Bar - Ricemilk Crunch\u003c\/a\u003e, \u003ca href=\"\/products\/ricemilk-chocolate-bar-1\"\u003eChocolate Bar - Ricemilk\u003c\/a\u003e, \u003ca href=\"\/products\/ricemilk-chocolate-morsels\"\u003eRicemilk Chocolate - Morsels\u003c\/a\u003e, \u003ca href=\"\/products\/mini-chocolate-bar-candies-variety-pack\"\u003eMini Chocolate Bar Candies - Variety Pack\u003c\/a\u003e" } ,{ "handle": "yeast-extract", "first_letter": "Y", "title": "Yeast Extract", "description": "This yeast-derived powder lends a delicious savory flavor to our chips.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "white-distilled-vinegar", "first_letter": "V", "title": "Vinegar Powder", "description": "Made from dried vinegar and a wheat-free maltodextrin, vinegar powder provides the same tangy flavor as regular vinegar and adds a zesty flavor to some of our Lentil Chips. With this dried vinegar some of our products use rice maltodextrin and others include corn maltodextrin. Each ingredient is noted on the package.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "turmeric", "first_letter": "T", "title": "Turmeric", "description": "\nTurmeric is a plant that has been widely used in Indian and Southeast Asian foods for centuries. We use an extract of turmeric to add color to our products.\n", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "tomato-powder", "first_letter": "T", "title": "Tomato Powder", "description": "Made from dehydrated tomatoes, this flavorful powder can also deliver a rich source of lycopene, vitamin C, and many other protective nutrients.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "tapioca-starch", "first_letter": "T", "title": "Tapioca Starch", "description": "Made from the cassava tuber or yucca root. This starch helps achieve the proper texture of baked goods.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "sunflower-oil", "first_letter": "S", "title": "Sunflower Oil", "description": "Sunflower oil is high in unsaturated fats and Vitamin E. It is pressed from the seeds of the sunflower plant.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "sea-salt", "first_letter": "S", "title": "Sea Salt", "description": "Sea salt is made by capturing sea water in shallow ponds where it is allowed to evaporate.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "rice-maltodextrin", "first_letter": "R", "title": "Rice Maltodextrin", "description": "Maltodextrin is a white powder derived from rice starch. It is used to adhere the seasonings to the surface of the Lentil Chips.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "potato-starch", "first_letter": "P", "title": "Potato Starch", "description": "Potato starch is starch extracted from potatoes. The cells of the root tubers of the potato plant contain starch grains. ", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "paprika", "first_letter": "P", "title": "Paprika", "description": "Paprika is a ground spice made from dried red fruits of the plant Capsicum annuum also called bell pepper or sweet pepper. ", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "onion-powder", "first_letter": "O", "title": "Onion Powder", "description": "Dehydrated, ground onion.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "natural-vanilla-flavor", "first_letter": "N", "title": "Natural Vanilla Flavor", "description": "Vanilla powder made from dextrose, vanilla bean extracts, and glycerin.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "lentil-flour", "first_letter": "L", "title": "Lentil Flour", "description": "Made from ground, uncooked yellow lentils.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "lentil-chip", "first_letter": "L", "title": "Lentil Chip", "description": "\nA main ingredient in Enjoy Life Lentil Chips. Ingredients include lentil flour, potato starch, salt, sunflower oil, turmeric, and paprika.\n", "appears_in_products": "\u003ca href=\"\/products\/lentil-chips-sea-salt\"\u003eLentil Chips - Sea Salt\u003c\/a\u003e, \u003ca href=\"\/products\/dill-sour-cream-lentil-chips\"\u003eLentil Chips - Dill \u0026 Sour Cream\u003c\/a\u003e, \u003ca href=\"\/products\/garlic-parmesan-lentil-chips\"\u003eLentil Chips - Garlic \u0026 Parmesan\u003c\/a\u003e, \u003ca href=\"\/products\/lentil-chips-barbecue\"\u003eLentil Chips - Barbecue\u003c\/a\u003e, \u003ca href=\"\/products\/lentil-chips-dairy-free-cheddar\"\u003eLentil Chips - Dairy Free Cheddar\u003c\/a\u003e, \u003ca href=\"\/products\/lentil-chips-sea-salt-vinegar\"\u003eLentil Chips - Salt \u0026 Vinegar\u003c\/a\u003e" } ,{ "handle": "lactic-acid", "first_letter": "L", "title": "Lactic Acid", "description": "Lactic acid is a common flavor component associated with fermented products. It is derived from Tapioca Starch and Cane Sugar and is dairy and allergen-free.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "garlic-powder", "first_letter": "G", "title": "Garlic Powder", "description": "Ground, dehydrated garlic.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "dill-seed", "first_letter": "D", "title": "Dill Seed", "description": "Not actually a seed, but rather the flat, brown fruits of dill weed. Dill is an annual herb in the celery family.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "dextrose", "first_letter": "D", "title": "Dextrose", "description": "A form of the simple sugar glucose, which is derived from starch.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "dehydrated-parsley", "first_letter": "D", "title": "Dehydrated Parsley", "description": "Air dried parsley leaves. These are added to the chips for flavor and appearance.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "chocolate-chips", "first_letter": "C", "title": "Chocolate Chips", "description": "Made from dried cane sugar, unsweetened chocolate, and dairy-free cocoa butter.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "canola-oil", "first_letter": "C", "title": "Canola Oil", "description": "A vegetable oil derived from a variety of rapeseed plant that is low in erucic acid.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "dried-raspberries", "first_letter": "D", "title": "Dried Raspberries", "description": "Freeze-dried raspberries.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "dried-pineapples", "first_letter": "D", "title": "Dried Pineapples", "description": "Hot air-dried pineapple.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "dried-crystallized-ginger", "first_letter": "D", "title": "Dried Crystallized Ginger", "description": "Ginger cooked and steeped in cane sugar syrup, then drained and crystallized to form pieces.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "dried-cranberries", "first_letter": "D", "title": "Dried Cranberries", "description": "Dried cranberries coated with sunflower oil and cane sugar.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "dried-blueberries", "first_letter": "D", "title": "Dried Blueberries", "description": "Freeze-dried blueberries.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "dried-beet-powder", "first_letter": "B", "title": "Beet Powder (including Dried Beet Powder)", "description": "A powder made from 100% air-dried ground, fresh beets. Added for color.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "dried-banana", "first_letter": "D", "title": "Dried Banana", "description": "Freeze-dried bananas.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "puffed-amaranth", "first_letter": "P", "title": "Puffed Amaranth", "description": "Used to add a soft crunch to our treats, amaranth is a grain that comes from densely packed flowers.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "dried-apricot", "first_letter": "D", "title": "Dried Apricot", "description": "California sun-dried apricots.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "dried-apples", "first_letter": "D", "title": "Dried Apples", "description": "Air-dried red and\/or green apples.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "organic-honey", "first_letter": "O", "title": "Organic Honey", "description": "A light amber, organic honey.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "cane-sugar", "first_letter": "C", "title": "Cane Sugar", "description": "Cane sugar is an alternative to refined sugar. While both sweeteners are made from sugar cane, cane sugar juice does not undergo the same degree of processing that refined sugar does and therefore retains a few more nutrients.", "appears_in_products": "\u003ca href=\"\/products\/white-chocolate-mini-chips\"\u003eWhite Chocolate - Mini Chips\u003c\/a\u003e" } ,{ "handle": "oat-flour", "first_letter": "O", "title": "Oat Flour", "description": "Flour made from finely ground, Purity Protocol, certified gluten-free oats.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "nutmeg", "first_letter": "N", "title": "Nutmeg", "description": "Despite its name, nutmeg is not a nut and is safe for someone avoiding tree nuts. It is obtained from the seeds of a tropical tree species (Myristica fragrans). We use nutmeg to add rich flavor to our products.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "dehydrated-carrots", "first_letter": "D", "title": "Dehydrated Carrots", "description": "Air-dried carrots.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "date-paste", "first_letter": "D", "title": "Date Paste", "description": "A sweetener made from pureed dates that helps keep our products moist.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "natural-flavor", "first_letter": "N", "title": "Natural Flavor", "description": "Our natural flavors are derived from botanicals that are certified gluten-free and free-from the 14 common allergens listed on our packaging.", "appears_in_products": "\u003ca href=\"\/products\/ricemilk-chocolate-bar-1\"\u003eChocolate Bar - Ricemilk\u003c\/a\u003e" } ,{ "handle": "xanthan-gum", "first_letter": "X", "title": "Xanthan Gum", "description": "Used to improve the texture and appearance of gluten-free bakery products. This ingredient comes from the dried cell coat of a microorganism called Zanthomonas campestris, and is derived from the fermentation of corn sugars. The finished ingredient contains no corn protein.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "dark-chocolate", "first_letter": "D", "title": "Dark Chocolate", "description": "Derived from the cocoa bean, at 69% cocoa, our dark chocolate contains unsweetened chocolate, cocoa butter, and cane sugar.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "white-rice-flour", "first_letter": "W", "title": "White Rice Flour", "description": "Milled from polished white rice.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "natural-cocoa-powder", "first_letter": "N", "title": "Natural Cocoa Powder", "description": "Unsweetened cocoa powder made from naturally processed cocoa solids. Cocoa Mass or Cocoa Powder is the material that remains after chocolate liquor is pressed to extract cocoa butter.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "cream-of-tartar", "first_letter": "C", "title": "Cream of Tartar", "description": "Derived from the fermentation of grapes, this acid is used to adjust the pH in baking products.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "white-pearled-sorghum-flour", "first_letter": "W", "title": "White Pearled Sorghum Flour", "description": "Flour ground from sorghum grain that has been pearled to remove the hull.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "vegetable-glycerin", "first_letter": "V", "title": "Vegetable Glycerin", "description": "Derived from Palm, glycerin is used to improve texture and shelf-stability.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "molasses", "first_letter": "M", "title": "Molasses", "description": "Our molasses is a thick syrup that results from processing sugar cane into sugar.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "concentrated-fruit-juices", "first_letter": "C", "title": "Concentrated Fruit Juices", "description": "Flavorful juices extracted from grapes, apples, and pears (with no water added) that bring sweetness and moisture to our products.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "vanilla-extract", "first_letter": "V", "title": "Vanilla Extract", "description": "This vanilla extract comes from 100% vanilla beans. It is not processed with any gluten-containing ingredients. This vanilla is distilled with alcohol derived from cane sugar, not corn.", "appears_in_products": "\u003ca href=\"\/products\/white-chocolate-mini-chips\"\u003eWhite Chocolate - Mini Chips\u003c\/a\u003e" } ,{ "handle": "unsweetened-chocolate", "first_letter": "U", "title": "Unsweetened Chocolate", "description": "Our Unsweetened Chocolate is comprised of Cocoa Liquor (non-Alcoholic) and Cocoa Butter (non-dairy of course). Both these ingredients come simply from grinding down a cocoa bean – nothing else is added to it.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "cocoa-liquor", "first_letter": "C", "title": "Cocoa Liquor", "description": "Cocoa Liquor, also called Cocoa Mass, is the dark brown, fat-free, antioxidant-rich component of the cocoa bean that is derived when the bean is ground and the fat is separated out. Unsweetened cocoa liquor contains nutrients such as magnesium, iron, zinc, and calcium.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "millet-flour", "first_letter": "M", "title": "Millet Flour", "description": "Made by grinding heat-treated, hulled millet into flour. Millet flour has a distinct sweet flavor and is a good source of protein and fiber. We combine it with other flours to create our signature gluten-free flour blend.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "tapioca-syrup", "first_letter": "T", "title": "Tapioca Syrup", "description": "A plant-based sweetener made from the cassava tuber, or yucca root.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "cocoa-butter", "first_letter": "C", "title": "Cocoa Butter", "description": "Cocoa Butter, despite its name, is dairy-free. After the cocoa bean is extracted from the shell, the bean is then ground into a liquid called Cocoa\/Chocolate Liquor. From that point, the fat is extracted from the liquor, which is called Cocoa Butter (non-dairy of course). Once the Cocoa Butter is removed, all that remains is Cocoa Powder.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "sweet-potato", "first_letter": "S", "title": "Sweet Potato", "description": "Prepared from blanched, properly sieved sweet potatoes and finished to a puree.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "maple-syrup", "first_letter": "M", "title": "Maple Syrup", "description": "Pure maple syrup made from the sap of maple trees.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "clove", "first_letter": "C", "title": "Clove", "description": "A flower bud that is dried and then ground. Cloves are added to some formulas for their flavor.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "sunflower-seed-spread", "first_letter": "S", "title": "Sunflower Seed Spread", "description": "A deliciously nutty spread made from ground roasted sunflower seeds, salt, and sweetener.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "malic-acid", "first_letter": "M", "title": "Malic Acid", "description": "Naturally occurring organic acid that gives apples their sour\/tart taste. It is added to some formulas to improve the flavor.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "sunflower-seed-flour", "first_letter": "S", "title": "Sunflower Seed Flour", "description": "Flour ground from hulled sunflower seeds.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "citric-acid", "first_letter": "C", "title": "Citric Acid", "description": "Citric acid is the most widely used organic acid to control pH and enhance the flavor of foods and beverages. It is found naturally in all citrus fruits and is produced commercially by microbial fermentation of carbohydrates such as corn.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "sunflower-protein", "first_letter": "S", "title": "Sunflower Protein", "description": "Plant-based protein derived entirely from Sunflower Seeds. This protein is used to fortify the nutritional content and improve the texture of some products", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "sunflower-kernels", "first_letter": "S", "title": "Sunflower Kernels (including Roasted Sunflower Kernels)", "description": "Hulled and pasteurized sunflower kernels that are roasted for a delicious nutty taste (without the nuts!).", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "lemon-oil", "first_letter": "L", "title": "Lemon Oil", "description": "The concentrated essential oils of lemon derived from the fruit using a combination of pressure and centrifugation.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "cinnamon", "first_letter": "C", "title": "Cinnamon", "description": "We use grade A cinnamon – the best quality available – from the bark of the evergreen tree.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "sugar-cane-syrup", "first_letter": "S", "title": "Sugar Cane Syrup", "description": "A liquid blend of glucose and fructose derived from cane sugar.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "steel-cut-oats", "first_letter": "S", "title": "Steel Cut Oats", "description": "Manufactured from 100% dehulled, cleaned oats that have been grown and manufactured following the Purity Protocol for gluten-free foods.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "cassava-flour", "first_letter": "C", "title": "Cassava Flour", "description": "Also known as tapioca flour, it is made from the cassava root, is high in fiber, and is often used as a replacement for traditional wheat flour.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "spices", "first_letter": "S", "title": "Spices", "description": "Our spices are certified gluten-free and free from the 14 common allergens listed on our packaging.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "konjac-gum", "first_letter": "K", "title": "Konjac (including Konjac Gum)", "description": "Konjac is derived from tubers of the elephant yam. We use this ingredient to manage moisture and maintain a soft texture throughout the product's shelf life.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "sorghum-flour", "first_letter": "S", "title": "Sorghum Flour", "description": "This whole grain white sorghum is high in protein and naturally gluten-free. We combine it with our other flours to create our signature gluten-free flour blend.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "caramel-pieces", "first_letter": "C", "title": "Caramel Pieces", "description": "Dairy-free caramel made from a mixture of organic cane sugar and organic tapioca syrup.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "semisweet-chocolate", "first_letter": "S", "title": "Semisweet Chocolate", "description": "Derived from the cocoa bean, our chocolate simply contains unsweetened chocolate, cocoa butter and cane sugar.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "salt", "first_letter": "S", "title": "Salt", "description": "This non-iodized salt contains no corn or corn byproducts.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "gum-arabic", "first_letter": "G", "title": "Gum Arabic", "description": "Gum arabic is made from the sap of acacia trees. We use it as a binder, emulsifier, and stabilizer in our products to give them a chewy texture.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "buckwheat-flour", "first_letter": "B", "title": "Buckwheat Flour", "description": "Despite its name, Buckwheat Flour is unrelated to wheat. Its closest edible relative is rhubarb. High in proteins and essential amino acids, it is also a good source of iron, zinc and selenium. Our certified gluten-free buckwheat flour is ground in a dedicated gluten-free facility. We combine it with other flours to create our signature gluten-free flour blend.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "safflower-oil", "first_letter": "S", "title": "Safflower Oil", "description": "Safflower oil is high in unsaturated fatty acids, highly stable, and boasts significant levels of Vitamin E. This oil is expeller pressed from safflower seeds via a chemical-free, mechanical process.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "ground-ginger", "first_letter": "G", "title": "Ground Ginger", "description": "Dried, ground ginger root.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "brown-sugar", "first_letter": "B", "title": "Brown Sugar", "description": "A combination of sugar and molasses refined without any added colorings, flavorings or coatings.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "rosemary-extract", "first_letter": "R", "title": "Rosemary Extract", "description": "This pure rosemary extract helps keep our products fresh and promotes a longer shelf life.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "brown-rice-syrup", "first_letter": "B", "title": "Brown Rice Syrup", "description": "This syrup is made from soft cooked rice. We use it to bind and sweeten our chewy bars.", "appears_in_products": "\u003ca href=\"\/products\/white-chocolate-mini-chips\"\u003eWhite Chocolate - Mini Chips\u003c\/a\u003e" } ,{ "handle": "roasted-and-salted-pumpkin-seeds", "first_letter": "R", "title": "Roasted and Salted Pumpkin Seeds", "description": "Pumpkin Seeds roasted with light sunflower or safflower oil and salt.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "brown-rice-flour", "first_letter": "R", "title": "Rice Flour (including Brown Rice Flour)", "description": "This is a gluten-free flour made from rice. The Brown rice flour starts with unpolished brown rice and includes bran from the hull of the grain, which adds nutritional value.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "ricemilk-chocolate", "first_letter": "R", "title": "Ricemilk Chocolate", "description": "Derived from the cocoa bean, our dairy-free ricemilk chocolate contains cane sugar, cocoa butter, unsweetened chocolate, rice syrup powder, and salt.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "rice-starch", "first_letter": "R", "title": "Rice Starch", "description": "Made exclusively from rice, it brings a great, smooth texture to our products. Derived from white rice.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "flaxseed", "first_letter": "F", "title": "Flaxseed", "description": "Made from pure ground flax seed, it is a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids and protein. This flour contains both soluble and insoluble fiber.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "rice-protein", "first_letter": "R", "title": "Rice Protein", "description": "A food protein manufactured from polished broken rice after aqueous extraction and subsequent drying. Derived from brown rice.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "rice-crisps", "first_letter": "R", "title": "Rice Crisps", "description": "Crispy bits of puffed rice help deliver the satisfying texture in many of our products. Our rice crisps contain 100% plant-based ingredients, made of only rice flour, cane sugar and sea salt.", "appears_in_products": "\u003ca href=\"\/products\/chocolate-bar-ricemilk-crunch\"\u003eChocolate Bar - Ricemilk Crunch\u003c\/a\u003e, \u003ca href=\"\/products\/mini-chocolate-bar-candies-variety-pack\"\u003eMini Chocolate Bar Candies - Variety Pack\u003c\/a\u003e, \u003ca href=\"\/products\/winter-chocolate-minis-ricemilk-crunch\"\u003eWinter Chocolate Minis - Ricemilk Crunch\u003c\/a\u003e, \u003ca href=\"\/products\/winter-chocolate-minis-variety-pack-1\"\u003eWinter Chocolate Minis - Variety Pack\u003c\/a\u003e" } ,{ "handle": "figs", "first_letter": "F", "title": "Figs", "description": "Dried figs coated with rice flour to prevent cracking.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "raisins", "first_letter": "R", "title": "Raisins (including California Raisins)", "description": "Sweet California grapes sun-dried to perfection", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "quinoa-flakes", "first_letter": "Q", "title": "Quinoa Flakes", "description": "Quinoa that’s rolled to create a thin flake.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "fig-paste", "first_letter": "F", "title": "Fig Paste", "description": "Softer than traditional fig paste and similar in texture to fruit jams, this paste made from figs is used to add sweetness to our products", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "quick-oat-flakes", "first_letter": "Q", "title": "Quick Oat Flakes", "description": "Manufactured from 100% dehulled, cleaned oats that have been grown and manufactured following the Purity Protocol for gluten-free foods.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "pureed-banana", "first_letter": "P", "title": "Pureed Banana", "description": "Pureed Cavendish bananas.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "baking-soda", "first_letter": "B", "title": "Baking Soda", "description": "Also known as sodium bicarbonate. We use this ingredient to help our products rise.", "appears_in_products": "" } ,{ "handle": "applesauce-unsweetened", "first_letter": "A", "title": "Applesauce, Unsweetened", "description": "Made from apples and water. It helps to keep our products moist, chewy, and delicious.", "appears_in_products": "" } ] }