{ "faqs": [ { "id": 33227145327, "handle": "warm-weather-shipping", "title": "Warm Weather Shipping" },{ "id": 30830821487, "handle": "do-you-accept-returns", "title": "Do you accept returns?" },{ "id": 30830788719, "handle": "how-do-you-ship-chocolate", "title": "How do you ship chocolate?" },{ "id": 30830755951, "handle": "what-is-your-shipping-policy", "title": "What is your shipping policy?" },{ "id": 30830723183, "handle": "do-you-offer-promotions", "title": "Do you offer promotions?" },{ "id": 30830690415, "handle": "what-are-your-order-minimums", "title": "What are your order minimums?" },{ "id": 30830657647, "handle": "what-forms-of-payment-do-you-accept-1", "title": "What forms of payment do you accept?" },{ "id": 30830624879, "handle": "how-can-i-open-an-account", "title": "How can I open an account?" },{ "id": 30830592111, "handle": "what-are-the-qualifications-for-a-wholesale-account", "title": "What are the qualifications for a wholesale account?" },{ "id": 30266097775, "handle": "will-i-receive-tracking-information-for-my-order", "title": "Will I receive tracking information for my order?" },{ "id": 30266065007, "handle": "how-long-will-it-take-my-order-to-ship", "title": "How long will it take my order to ship?" },{ "id": 30266032239, "handle": "can-you-ship-to-a-po-box-or-an-apo-fpo-address", "title": "Can you ship to a PO Box or an APO\/FPO address?" },{ "id": 30265966703, "handle": "do-you-ship-internationally", "title": "Do you ship internationally?" },{ "id": 30265933935, "handle": "how-do-you-ship-and-what-does-it-cost", "title": "How do you ship and what does it cost?" },{ "id": 30265901167, "handle": "what-is-your-refund-policy", "title": "What is your refund policy?" },{ "id": 30265868399, "handle": "when-will-my-credit-card-be-charged", "title": "When will my credit card be charged?" },{ "id": 30265835631, "handle": "what-forms-of-payment-do-you-accept", "title": "What forms of payment do you accept?" },{ "id": 30097375343, "handle": "do-you-donate-products-and-coupons-to-events", "title": "Do you donate products and coupons to events?" },{ "id": 30097342575, "handle": "i-m-having-trouble-printing-your-downloadable-coupons-can-you-help", "title": "I’m having trouble printing your downloadable coupons. Can you help?" },{ "id": 30097309807, "handle": "can-you-send-me-samples-or-coupons", "title": "Can you send me samples or coupons?" },{ "id": 30097277039, "handle": "can-i-buy-enjoy-life-products-online", "title": "Can I buy Enjoy Life products online?" },{ "id": 30097244271, "handle": "my-favorite-store-doesn-t-carry-enjoy-life-products-what-should-i-do", "title": "My favorite store doesn’t carry Enjoy Life products. What should I do?" },{ "id": 30097211503, "handle": "how-much-do-your-products-cost", "title": "How much do your products cost?" },{ "id": 30097145967, "handle": "i-live-in-canada-where-can-i-find-your-products", "title": "I live in Canada, where can I find your products?" },{ "id": 30097113199, "handle": "where-can-i-buy-enjoy-life-products", "title": "Where can I buy Enjoy Life products?" },{ "id": 30097080431, "handle": "i-think-i-might-have-a-food-allergy-how-can-i-learn-more", "title": "I think I might have a food allergy. How can I learn more?" },{ "id": 30097047663, "handle": "what-are-food-intolerances", "title": "What are food intolerances?" },{ "id": 30097014895, "handle": "what-are-food-allergies", "title": "What are food allergies?" },{ "id": 30096982127, "handle": "what-is-a-gf-cf-diet", "title": "What is a GF\/CF diet?" },{ "id": 30096949359, "handle": "what-is-gluten", "title": "What is gluten?" },{ "id": 30096883823, "handle": "what-is-celiac-disease-how-is-it-diagnosed", "title": "What is Celiac Disease? How is it diagnosed?" },{ "id": 30096851055, "handle": "are-all-of-your-products-made-in-a-dedicated-dairy-free-facility", "title": "Are all of your products made in a dedicated dairy-free facility?" },{ "id": 30096818287, "handle": "are-all-enjoy-life-products-made-in-a-certified-gluten-free-facility", "title": "Are all Enjoy Life products made in a certified gluten-free facility?" },{ "id": 30096785519, "handle": "are-all-enjoy-life-products-made-in-a-dedicated-nut-free-facility", "title": "Are all Enjoy Life products made in a dedicated nut-free facility?" },{ "id": 30096752751, "handle": "where-are-enjoy-life-products-manufactured", "title": "Where are Enjoy Life products manufactured?" },{ "id": 30096719983, "handle": "how-do-you-read-the-best-by-date-on-the-package", "title": "How do you read the Best By date on the package?" },{ "id": 30096621679, "handle": "can-i-freeze-enjoy-life-products", "title": "Can I freeze Enjoy Life products?" },{ "id": 30096556143, "handle": "how-long-will-enjoy-life-products-stay-fresh", "title": "How long will Enjoy Life products stay fresh?" },{ "id": 30096523375, "handle": "with-so-many-common-food-allergens-are-left-out-what-s-actually-in-your-products", "title": "With so many common food allergens are left out, what’s actually in your products?" },{ "id": 30096392303, "handle": "what-percentage-of-cacao-is-in-your-chocolate-products", "title": "What percentage of cacao is in your chocolate products?" },{ "id": 30096097391, "handle": "are-enjoy-life-products-paleo", "title": "Are Enjoy Life products paleo?" },{ "id": 30096064623, "handle": "do-enjoy-life-products-contain-gmos", "title": "Do Enjoy Life products contain GMOs?" },{ "id": 30096031855, "handle": "what-is-enjoy-life-food-s-position-on-palm-oil", "title": "What is Enjoy Life Food’s position on palm oil?" },{ "id": 30095999087, "handle": "are-enjoy-life-products-corn-free", "title": "Are Enjoy Life products corn-free?" },{ "id": 30095966319, "handle": "are-enjoy-life-products-egg-free", "title": "Are Enjoy Life products egg-free?" },{ "id": 30095933551, "handle": "are-enjoy-life-products-sulfite-free", "title": "Are Enjoy Life products sulfite-free?" },{ "id": 30095900783, "handle": "are-enjoy-life-products-casein-free", "title": "Are Enjoy Life products casein-free?" },{ "id": 30095868015, "handle": "are-enjoy-life-products-lactose-free", "title": "Are Enjoy Life products lactose-free?" },{ "id": 30095835247, "handle": "are-enjoy-life-products-dairy-free", "title": "Are Enjoy Life products dairy-free?" },{ "id": 30095802479, "handle": "are-enjoy-life-products-nut-free", "title": "Are Enjoy Life products nut-free?" },{ "id": 30095769711, "handle": "are-enjoy-life-products-wheat-free-or-gluten-free", "title": "Are Enjoy Life products wheat-free or gluten-free?" },{ "id": 30000250991, "handle": "lorem-ipsum-dolor-sit-amet", "title": "Are Enjoy Life products free-from common allergens?" } ] }