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Roasted Cauliflower



  1. Preheat oven to 400°. Toss cauliflower florets with the olive oil and lay on a parchment-lined sheet tray. Sprinkle with sea salt and black pepper. Roast at 400° for 20-30 minutes until lightly golden brown, tossing once during cooking.
  2. Meanwhile, add Lentil Chips to the bowl of a small food processor. Add the sundried tomatoes and process until you have a nice breadcrumb with the texture of wet sand.
  3. Remove cauliflower from the oven and place in a ceramic baking dish. Sprinkle all over with the tomato breadcrumbs and place back in the oven for another 5 minutes to gently toast the breadcrumbs.
  4. Remove from the oven and sprinkle with the chive.

Optional Recipe Variation: You can prepare this through step 3, but cool the cauliflower first, then place in the ceramic baking dish. Sprinkle with the Lentil Chip breadcrumbs and wrap for storage. When ready to cook, remove from the refrigerator and let sit out for 30-60 minutes to warm up the dish. Continue with the instructions above.