I live a large part of my life on the road.

For most of my career, I have travelled for business. It used to be easier; security was less intrusive, people could meet you at the gate without having an airline ticket in hand, and air travel was something special which minimized your chance of sitting next to a sweaty guy wearing a tank-top. Travel was special, but times have changed.

It does not mean that I travel any less. I’m still “on-the road” a few times per month and when I’m not traveling, I get that itch to get out and go somewhere. Yet today, in addition to the hardships of traveling that the world has brought forth, travel is a bit more difficult due to my personal situation.

About five years ago, well after I was involved with Enjoy Life, I was diagnosed with food allergies. (How coincidental was that!). First I found out that I had a shellfish allergy which was then followed up by tuna. I carry an Epi-pen just like many of you (I actually carry two because I’m well-behaved), and fortunately have never had to use these. But I sure came close a couple of times.

But it gets better. A few years ago, I was diagnosed with a very rare auto-immune disorder that is controllable, but can offer its own daily challenges. When this happened, I chose to change my daily diet and started to follow a paleo-based eating regimen, except I don’t eat red meat nor do I consume pork.

So, what does this mean? I travel all the time, can’t have shellfish and tuna, carry an Epi-pen, choose not to eat dairy, grains, soy, legumes, etc., and I get along fine. Is it hard? Sometimes. Is it doable? Absolutely!

I have business meals on a regular basis, I bring food on airplanes, have my special foods in my hotel room, and live a very normal, business-filled exciting life. I travel the world and plan accordingly. When people tell me how hard it is to follow a special diet, I get it, but I also encourage them to make the best of it. I can honestly say that I never feel as if I’m restricted, I simply feel thankful that I am able to know what will make me feel great, and that the choices for me are abundant.

As I sign off on this post, know that I’m in Anaheim, CA at the Natural Products Expo where we will be showing our Enjoy Life products to retailers from around the world. It is another trip, another set of meals on the road, and another opportunity to be thankful that I get to do what I do, while understanding exactly the world in which you live. I empathize with your situation because I live it personally each and every day.