Allergy-Friendly Friendsgiving: The Tips

Friendsgiving Tips Infographic

Friendsgiving: A Thanksgiving celebration, except with your closest friends! Friendsgiving is one of my favorite holidays – who doesn’t like getting together with friends to celebrate over delicious allergy-friendly food, board games and a glass of wine or two?

To make your Friendsgiving one for the books, we’ve complied a list of 10 tips:


  1. The host makes the main dish – nothing else
    Break out that turkey!
  2. Know your guests’ dietary restrictions
    Inquire about everyone’s dietary restrictions well ahead of time to ensure dishes are prepared accordingly and cross-contamination is avoided. This way, everyone can eat freely!
  3. Designate each friend to bring a dish
    This is the fun part! Each friend must contribute to the table with an allergy-friendly dish. My friends and I compile a list of what each person is bringing in a shareable document so there are no duplicates. Need help deciding what to bring? Please the entire crowd with this allergy-friendly Mac and Cheese or Butternut Squash Pizza.
  4. Gluten-free stuffing is a must
    What’s Friendsgiving without gluten-free stuffing?
  5. Don’t forget dessert
    Perhaps the most important – and delicious – part of the holiday. Enjoy Life’s Baking Mixes make holiday baking so easy, delicious and nutritious! Friends will thank you for the shelf-stable probiotics and 5 grams of plant-based protein per serving in our Brownie Mix, Muffin Mix and more. Get creative with our Baking Mixes: check out Enjoy Life’s top 8 free desserts recipes!
  6. Hosts should set a festive table
    In addition to festive decorations, download these place cards to mark which allergens each dish is free-from! This place cards will make it easy for guests to identify which dishes they are able to eat.
  7. Everyone brings wine
    This is a given ;-)
  8. Designate a DJ
    Pump up the tunes!
  9. Don’t forget the toast, centerpiece and doggy bags
  10. Enjoy!
    Friends and good food – what else could you need?


Eat freely this Friendsgiving,