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All Chocolate, All the Time

Love is in the air. And by that, of course I mean love for dairy-free chocolate! Valentine’s Day may be over, but who needs a one specific day to indulge in a decadent chocolate treat? Every day is the day for that, as far as I’m concerned. After all, chocolate increases your endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. And that’s a win for everyone.

If you’re like me and love chocolate, treating yourself, and/or don’t want to give up the sweet treats just yet, you’re in luck. We worked with a bunch of bloggers to give you a selection of swoon-worthy chocolate-y recipes that you can savor all year long. Here are some great top 8-free recipes to get you inspired (and hungry!):

DIY Candy Fudge Bars from Petite Allergy Treats

Who here misses candy bars? ????  I know I do! Enter Petite Allergy Treats’ latest recipe – Delicious and simple, with only a handful of ingredients. Perfect! 

Salted Chocolate Tart from Gluten Free Palate

Chocolate & Sea Salt go together like Cinderella and Prince Charming: the ultimate love story. Plus, this recipe features a crust made from our new Mini Cookies!

Triple Chocolate Wacky Cake from Boulder Locavore

I’m not sure if I can think of a better fruit to pair with chocolate than raspberries. Especially when they’re paired with three times the chocolate! Yum yum yum! 

Triple Chocolate Brownie Truffles from Iowa Girl Eats

Three seems to be a magic number, and that couldn’t be more true when it comes to chocolate. Like with these magical brownie truffles!

Heart-Shaped Whoopie Pies from Sarah Bakes Gluten-Free

Heart shaped anything is cute for Valentine’s Day, right? It’s still cute for after Valentine’s Day, too! And just as delicious!

Chocolate Salami from Fork & Beans

Don’t let the name fool you – this fudgy recipe will definitely have you feeling the amore. A slice of this would be a great Crunchy Cookie accompaniment, or even a part of a dessert antipasti platter!

Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake from Vegetarian Mamma

Vegetarian Mamma is the queen of using our baking mixes in creative recipes. Remember the Lemon Donuts she made with our Pizza Crust Mix? This time, she used our Pancake & Waffle Mix to make this scrumptious coffee cake – YUM!

Chocolate Swirl Biscuits from Laurie Sadowski

Gluten-Free Chocolate Swirl Breakfast Biscuits – Gluten-Free Breakfast Biscuits | Enjoy Life Foods

Chocolate for breakfast is the best kind of breakfast, right? (Answer: Yes!)

What’s your favorite chocolate recipe to make at home? Sound off in the comments below – we’d love to compare recipes!