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Allergy-Friendly Everything

Making great tasting foods that are allergy friendly and healthier for everyone has been our mission since the very beginning.

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baking chocolate

Enjoy Life provides allergy-friendly baking solutions that taste delicious with ingredients you can trust!

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Lentil Chips

Our Lentil Chips are the flavorful crunchy, gluten-free snacks that are not only school safe but also perfect for lunchboxes and backpacks!

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chocolate Bars

Our Chocolate Bars are a fan-favorite! Grab a decadent chocolate bar or variety pack to go and indulge on these delicious, school safe treats!

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"All their products have been so good for our family. I love how many food allergies they cover. Very yummy too!"

Jenny W.

"I am so thankful for the Enjoy Life options with my sons allergies. He is 3 and loves the cookies and bars! These are the only sweets he gets so we buy a lot of it. I also appreciate your products being reasonably priced so many different families can enjoy the product options."

Nicole N.

"We LOVE Enjoy life and eat a variety of their products on a daily basis. The choco loco bars, chocolate chips, soft cookies especially the chocolate chocolate chip one and the rice crunch bars are all delicious. With Celiacs, dairy free and soy free family members...we are very grateful for this brand!"

Teddy G.

"I have such severe food allergies and knowing that I will be safe eating their products is everything. Also the chocolate bars and chocolate chips are delicious! This company coming into stores was honestly a miracle."

Celeste F.

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