Entree Recipes

Taco Bowls

Assemble these simple, but amazing Taco Bowls using Enjoy Life Foods Sea Salt Plentils. A quick, allergy-friendly dinner for the whole family!

Beef Stroganoff

Here’s an allergy-friendly take on a classic comfort food dish – video walk-through included!

Mole Rojo – Red Mole Sauce in the Style of Rick Bayless

INGREDIENTS: ¾ C oil for frying (a flavorful oil like tallow or lard is best, but vegetable oil will do) 5 medium tomatillos (about 12 oz) 7 oz dried chiles (a combination of guajillo, pasilla, and ancho – avoid smoky chipotle) 5 garlic cloves ¾ C toasted sunflower seeds 1 C toasted pumpkin seeds ½ C raisins ¼ C Enjoy Life Foods Crunchy Flax Cereal 1 Enjoy Life Foods boom CHOCO boom Dark Chocolate Bar ½ t ground cinnamon ¼ t ground anise ¼ t cloves ⅓ C sugar 2 T fine sea salt DIRECTIONS: The Slow Way Peel and wash the tomatillos. Place in a baking pan and broil the tomatillos until they are mottled black and soft all over, about 4-5 minutes per side. Set aside in the bowl of a food processor or in a blender. Heat the oil in a medium size sauce pan to about 375F. If it smokes, it is too hot. Carefully fry the peppers in the oil, about 10-20 seconds on both sides. The peppers will change color and puff. Do not allow the peppers to smoke as this will make them VERY bitter. Drain the oil from the peppers and put it back in the pan with the rest of the oil, if possible. Place the peppers in a bowl and cover with hot water for 30 minutes, or soft. While the peppers are soaking, fry the garlic in the oil and remove when the garlic is golden. Do not overfry or the garlic will be bitter. Remove from oil and place in the food processor bowl with the tomatillos....